Course curriculum

  • 1

    Bonus Projects

    • UV Resin Butterfly Wing Earrings

    • Faux Druzy Resin Bracelet - Looks Just Like the Real Thing!

  • 2

    Downloadable Resources

    • Working Safely with Resin - Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Safe Practices in Your Work Area

    • Which Resin Should I Use?

    • Resins Suitable for Jewellery Making - Characteristics with Pros and Cons

    • Resin Colourants - What Else Can I Use to Colour Epoxy Resin?

  • 3

    Handy Resources

    • Volume and Weight Conversion Chart

  • 4

    Extra Video Resources

    • How to Make a Resin Bangle Bracelet WITHOUT a Bangle Mould