What is Resin School Membership?

Resin School is the all-in-one solution to learn how to work with resin SUCCESSFULLY! No more confusion about resin, or sticky messes, or struggling to get resin to do what you want. And no more hunting for solutions to the problems you've encountered in viral "freemium" videos that are only there to cash in on ad revenue yet leave you wondering how on earth you really make the project.
Resin School shows you more than just how to make a project. It teaches you HOW TO MASTER RESIN... in easy to digest, bite-sized chunks so that you can stop and start as you need. It removes the confusion about working with resin and builds your confidence so that you can become an expert Resinista. In essence, Resin School is the power-packed workshop series that will dramatically shortcut your path to creating PERFECT resin projects!

What's in the Membership?

Resin School includes 5 online resin classes + ongoing projects and resources that will make you an expert Resinista.

  • Class 1 - How to Make Resin Bangles for Complete Beginners.

  • Class 2 - Resin Jewellery - Casting pendants, earrings and rings.

  • Class 3 - Beyond the Basics Resin Bangles - How to add feathers, lace, flowers and more.

  • Class 4 - Resin Cheeseboard and Coaster Set using Food Safe resin.

  • Class 5 - Geode-Inspired Resin Art. Learn how to create the look of a geode, including the crystal structure and veining of an agate slice.

  • Helpful downloads and guides, printables for including in resin, resin cheat sheets, project sheets and many other surprise goodies

  • Access to the exclusive and private Resin Made Simple Facebook group that is only open to Resin School Members.

  • 12 month access to all lessons and course resources

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Learn all the skills needed to work confidently with resin so you can make your own professional resin jewellery and bangles and amazing homewares!

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Beyond the Basics

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Module 1

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Very informative

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Course 1 - Resin Bangles for Beginners

Learn how to make solid colour and marbled bangles using quick curing polyurethane resin. You'll learn how to make 5 bangles, each with a different colouring method. Learn how to get the best results whether you're using transparent or opaque polyurethane resins and which colouring technique to use in each. Achieve marbled effects using both dyes and pigments and then learn how to finish your handmade creations ready to wear.
Stack of red, yellow and orange resin bangles

Course 2 - Making Resin Jewellery

Learn how to make designer resin jewellery with epoxy resin. As well as colouring it, you'll embed items like flowers, charms and starfish. You'll learn how to work in moulds and how to prepare them for resin. You'll also create jewellery by pouring resin into open-backed bezels. This course also shows you techniques for turning your castings into wearable jewellery.
2 circle pendants in pastel yellow and pastel blue and a rectangular blue resin pendant inset with grommets

Course 3 - Beyond the Basics

Bangles with Inclusions

Go beyond the beginner's bangle making course and become a bangle making master! Learn how to add inclusions like feathers, lace and dried flowers. Learn how to work in layers to create a stunning iridescent mylar bangle. You'll also create a sunset sky using a colour gradient technique as a backdrop for a silhouette graphic. This class also shows you an alternative finishing technique that will give your bangles that professional look.
Resin Bangle with silhouette birds on a wire against a sunset sky of orange, pink, purple and blue

Course 4 - Resin Cheeseboard & Coasters

Techniques for Making Resin Homewares

Learn the skills needed to make a marbled resin cheeseboard and coaster set using epoxy coating resin. This course focusses on Food Safe resins and covers how you can safely serve cheese and antipasto on your resin charcuterie board. You’ll learn about what type of cheeseboard and coasters to look for, how to prepare them and the types of colourants to use to colour the resin. This class will expand your resin skills as you move beyond the intermediate level with more advanced resin techniques so that you can create your own amazing resin homewares.
Square Wooden Cheese Board with marbled green, gold and white resin handle and a pair of rectangular, matching resin coasters

Class 5

Geode-Inspired Resin Art

Recreate the look of an agate slice filled with crystals and gold veining. Learn how to prepare your art surface, create the contours of the geode and how to pour the resin to create the geode shape.
Resin Geode Art in shades of purple and white with amethyst crystals and gold veins

Course Modules

  • 1

    Module 1 - Start Here

    • 1.1 Welcome to Your Resin Course

    • 1.2 Working Safely with Resin

    • 1.3 Workspace Set-up

    • Join the Resin Made Simple PRIVATE Facebook Group

  • 2

    Module 2 - How to Make Resin Bangles

    • 2.1 All About Polyurethane Resin

    • 2.2 What You'll Make

    • 2.3 Supplies Needed for Bangle Making

    • 2.4 Working out Mould Volume

    • 2.5.1 Measure, Mix, Colour, Pour - Solid Coloured Bangle

    • 2.5.2 Marbling with Pigments in Transparent Resin

    • 2.5.3 Marbling with Dyes

    • 2.6.1 Solid Coloured Opaque White Resin Bangle

    • 2.6.2 Marbling with Dyes in Opaque White Resin

    • 2.7 Demoulding the Bangles

    • 2.8 Trimming and Sanding

    • Resource - Troubleshooting Polyurethane Resin

    • Resource - Resin Suppliers

  • 3

    Module 3 - Making Resin Jewellery - Pendants, Rings and Bracelets

    • 3.1 All About Epoxy Resin

    • 3.2 What You'll Learn

    • 3.3 Preparing Plastic Moulds for Resin

    • 3.4 Measure, Mix, Pour, Embed

    • 3.5 Working with Open Backed Bezels

    • 3.6 How to Create Marbling in a Thin Cylinder Mould

    • 3.7 Demoulding and Assembling the Jewellery

    • Resource - Shopping List - All the supplies used in the projects

  • 4

    Module 4 - Beyond the Basics - How to Add Inclusions to Resin Bangles

    • 4.1 Beyond the Basics - Bangles with Inclusions

    • 4.2 What You'll Make

    • 4.3 Resins and Moulds - How to Choose Them

    • 4.4 Feather Bangle

    • 4.5 Lace Cuff

    • 4.6 Silhouette Bangle with Gradient Colouring

    • 4.7 Iridescent Mylar Bangle

    • 4.8 Dried Flower Bangle

    • 4.9 How to Finish the Bangles

  • 5

    Module 5 - Resin Cheeseboard and Coasters

    • 5.1 Choosing a Food Safe Resin

    • 5.2 Prepping the Cheeseboard and Coasters

    • 5.3 Measuring, Mixing and Colouring the Resin

    • 5.4 Pouring and Manipulating the Resin

    • 5.5 Finishing Your Resin Cheeseboard and Coasters Set - Making the Resin Charm

  • 6

    Resources - Resin Cheeseboard

    • 5.6 Food Safe Resins List

    • 5.7 Resin Cheeseboard Care and Instructions Sheet

  • 7

    Geode-Inspired Resin Art

    • 6.1 Geode Resin Art - All About Resin Art and What You'll Learn

    • 6.2 Preparation

    • 6.3 Mixing and Colouring the Resin

    • 6.4 Pouring and Manipulating the Resin

    • 6.5 The Finishing Touches to the Geode

Why Choose Resin Made Simple's online resin Membership

Resin School

  • Course Value

    Students who come to my studio typically pay $750 for the 5 classes. Your online membership includes all 5 classes, downloads such as printable images that you can use in resin, tip sheets, project sheets and other educational material with a total value in excess of $850.

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

    Work through the projects in each module at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and at a time that suits your lifestyle. You'll never have to fit in with a teacher's class schedule - take the course at a time that suits YOU!

  • Free Access to the Private Facebook Group

    Chat with other students in our private and EXCLUSIVE, Resin Made Simple Facebook community. Ask questions and get help if you need it.


  • What if I have no resin experience at all?

    You don't need any! You'll learn everything you need to know in the classes. Each one builds on the techniques you've already learned so by the end of Resin School, you will be confident working with resin.

  • Do I get access to you, Myléne?

    YES, YOU DO! You will get my personal feedback and help along the way. You'll be able to ask course-related questions in the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group, Resin Made Simple, and I'll also be there to help you with other resin related questions that you have.

  • How long is the membership for?

    Your Resin School membership is for a 12 month period from the date you first join. It is renewable annually. Whilst your membership is current, you'll be able to access all the classes and course resources.

  • Can I join the membership at any time during the year?

    Yes, you can join the membership at any time throughout the year. The membership is for a 12 month period from the date you join and not a calendar year.

Learn from a Teacher Who is in Demand Both Nationally and Abroad

Myléne has been teaching resin workshops for 12 years and she has worked constantly to refine them so that you have the most successful learning experience possible. During that time, she has taught thousands of beginners how to work with resin both nationally and abroad. Her ability to understand how students learn, coupled with her creative abilities, make her courses both easy to follow and fun. As a consultant to craft resin manufacturers, her hands-on industry experience is invaluable. She provides resin projects, instructional videos and training to the trade level of the craft industry. Myléne is also the author of two jewellery-making books and that, along with her extensive teaching credentials creates a quality and enjoyable learning experience.

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