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Right now, you’re struggling with resin, overwhelmed, and just don’t know where to begin...

  • Your projects are full of bubbles and you can’t work out how to get the professional results you want.

  • Your projects don’t cure properly and you end up in a sticky mess, and you’re ready to give up!

  • You realise that resin isn’t as easy as it looks, and you don’t feel confident to do this on your own!

You can change ALL this!

There’s a FASTER and EASIER way to get great results with resin so that you’ll be proud to say, “I made it myself!”

After seeing so many people making mistakes with resin and not getting the results they want, I developed a program that…

  • allows you to learn resin fast

  • without wasting your money on projects that don’t work out

  • that will give you the confidence to create AMAZING resin projects that you’ll be proud to say you made yourself!


What Our Students Say

5 star rating

Grateful To Be Here

Yoletta Hall

Resin is a craft I stumbled across during the pandemic, I fell in love with the craft and always wanted more direct knowledge, thank you so much for creating...

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Resin is a craft I stumbled across during the pandemic, I fell in love with the craft and always wanted more direct knowledge, thank you so much for creating this class.

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5 star rating

Easy to Understand!

Hillaria Juliana-Yeo

The content was explained very clearly – it is easy to understand and a great starting point for whoever is starting a resin journey. It makes me want more!

The content was explained very clearly – it is easy to understand and a great starting point for whoever is starting a resin journey. It makes me want more!

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5 star rating

Beyond the Basics

Jennifer JEWELL



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5 star rating

Module 1

Fiona Healey

Everything is great go far

Everything is great go far

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5 star rating


Donna [email protected]

Very informative

Very informative

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5 star rating

Excellent tips

Cynthia Marrs

Following these safety instructions seems very valid. Thank you

Following these safety instructions seems very valid. Thank you

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5 star rating


Kay New

excellent, very interesting

excellent, very interesting

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Become a Resin Pro Today! ✋🏻

  • Learn the step-by-step process that will get you expert results

  • Discover the tricks for properly cured resin

  • Learn how to get bubble-free resin so your pieces look professional

  • Learn the SECRETS that Pros use to get professional results

  • Develop the skills and techniques that will allow you to make more complex projects.

Learning how to resin successfully takes the RIGHT guidance.

Sure, you can spend hours watching YouTube videos, scrolling through Facebook groups, or searching Pinterest trying to find the information you need. BUT...

  • ... How do you sift out the right information from the MIS-INFORMATION?

  • ...How can you trust what you see untrained and inexperienced YouTubers do? Some of their unsafe practices/methods/techniques are outright dangerous. Yikes!! 😱

  • Who wants to put themselves in an amateur’s hands?!

  • And who can afford to waste money on materials and supplies, only to be disappointed when their PROJECT DOESN'T TURN OUT like on the YouTube video?


This is why I created Resin School!

With Resin School, you get the RIGHT information you need from a REAL Resin Expert...

  • … all in ONE place

  • ... and delivered to you exactly WHEN you need it?!

What is Resin School?

Resin School is the power-packed, all-in-one solution to help you overcome your fears and MASTER resin with confidence and ease.

RESIN SCHOOL includes 5 Workshops

You learn a broad range of Resin Techniques so you can create ANY project.

  • Workshop 1 - Beginners Resin Bangle Bracelets

  • Workshop 2 - Resin Jewellery Workshop

  • Workshop 3 - Beyond the Basics - Embedding

  • Workshop 4 - Resin Cheeseboard and Coaster Set

  • Workshop 5 - Geode-Inspired Resin Art

Workshop 1 - Resin Bangles for Beginners


  • Start with beginner basics - measuring, mixing and colouring resin

  • 5 individual resin colouring lessons, each one gives you a different effect. You’ll create a collection of 5 stylish resin bangle bracelets, including three different marbled pieces

  • Use quick curing resin so you’ll be wearing your finished bangles ONE HOUR after you pour them!

  • 11 VIDEO LESSONS in total, with closed captioning

Workshop 2 - Making Resin Jewellery

Value $97

  • Learn how to make designer resin jewellery, customised to your style, using moulds and open-backed bezels

  • Learn how to prepare moulds, embed items, add glitter, create pastel colours, and learn another marbling technique

  • Learn my EXPERT tips and tricks for turning your resin pieces into jewellery

  • 7 LESSONS of video trainings, with closed captioning
  • SHOPPING LIST for sourcing your jewellery supplies 

Workshop 3 - Beyond the Basics Intermediate Resin Bangles


  • Go beyond the basics and learn the trick to embedding flowers, feathers and lace in resin. Create stunning colour gradients and learn the secret to getting extraordinary iridescent colour-change effects.

  • Discover the expert trick that makes demoulding EASY

  • Learn an alternative technique for finishing bangle bracelets professionally

  • 9 LESSONS of video trainings, with closed captioning


Workshop 4 - Resin Cheeseboard and Coasters


  • Create a resin serving board with matching coasters featuring gorgeous marbling, and fabulous lacey resin cells with this easy-to-learn technique
  • Learn vital information about food-safe resins and how to choose the right resin for your serving board
  • Get the essential preparation tips that will give your pieces a professional finish
  • Make a coordinating charm from the marbled resin overflow that drips on your workspace, and dangle it from the handle to create the perfect finishing touch
  • Learn how to care for your resin serving board to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment
  • 5 LESSONS of video trainings with closed captioning

  • FOOD-SAFE RESIN LIST to download

Workshop 5 - Geode-Inspired Resin Art


  • Create a gorgeous geode-inspired painting with resin
  • Learn the SECRET to creating the crystal formation and the veining typical of an agate slice
  • Get my recommendations for the best surfaces to use and how to prepare them for a professional finish
  • Ideas for displaying your resin art to its best advantage, without banging nails into your walls
  • 5 LESSONS of video trainings with closed captioning


Each workshop gives you a solid foundation to build on the previous one. With your newly developed skills and knowledge, you’ll be able to tackle even more complex resin projects. Once you complete the course you will:

  • Get consistent and reliable results, each and every time you mix resin

  • Conquer the technical aspects of resin

  • Grow in expertise and confidence, and finally MASTER RESIN.


  1. Resin Bangles for Beginners Workshop Valued at $97
  2. Making Resin Jewellery Workshop Valued at $97
  3. Beyond the Basics Workshop Valued at $97
  4. Resin Cheeseboard & Coasters Workshop Valued at $97
  5. Geode-inspired Resin Art Workshop Valued at $97


I’m Myléne Hillam, resin expert and educator and I’ve been working and teaching with resin for 15 years. During that time, I’ve fine-tuned my resin skills and expanded my resin knowledge. 

I’ve taught thousands of students how to MASTER resin so that they can create with skill and confidence - crafters and artists who were once where you are now! 

My resin designs and techniques captured the attention of several leading resin manufacturers who engaged me as an expert consultant to produce educational videos and tutorials for their websites. 

I’ve also worked with:

  • resin retailers to create hugely popular resin tutorials

  • major craft magazines to create numerous step-by-step project tutorials

  • big box craft stores to create tip sheets

  • and more...

My expertise with resin has allowed me to travel internationally to teach and demonstrate at major trade and consumer craft shows - which, btw, is a dream come true! 

And now, through the wonders of online learning, I’m able to bring my expertise right to you through your Resin School Membership, where you will learn how to resin successfully, in the comfort of your own home, and fit in around your busy lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for?!

How many free YouTube videos are you gonna watch that RUIN your resin before you honour your investment of $1000 in resin with REAL training from a REAL professional?


Bonus No. 1 - Membership Vault

Value: $600+

The Membership Vault is filled with additional projects and trainings OUTSIDE of the Resin School workshops. These will expand your resin knowledge so you can try other types of resin techniques.  They include:

  • Making a Bangle WITHOUT a bangle mould - Mini Class
  • Straw Bangle Mini Class
  • Making Marbled Coasters Video Training
  • UV Resin project sheets to download and print
  • Cheat sheets, guides and other downloads
  • Printable images to include in your resin projects
  • Plus many, many more


Value: $997 

Get 24/7 access to the community FULL of current students who are mastering resin. Our safe and welcoming environment helps you whenever you need extra support. You can ask ANYTHING about resin without being made to feel stupid. 

Go behind the scenes as I show you never before released training and resin techniques. **This is where the really cool stuff happens.**

I’m present in the group daily so you get direct access to me.  This is where I walk you through your project when you need help or guidance... like having your own private tutor to help coach you through any challenges you come up against. You get expert advice and truly grow as a Resin Artist.   

BONUS NO 3 - Printable Guide and Tutorial - How to Store Your Resin Moulds and Clean your Tools to make them last.

Value: $37

You have a considerable investment in your tools and equipment, and with the proper care, they will serve you a long time. This tutorial shows you how to clean them and includes ideas for storing your moulds to keep them in top condition. 

BONUS NO. 4 - Mini Masterclass How to Dry Your Own Botanicals

Value: $97

Drying fresh flowers from your garden, or a bouquet from a special occasion to embed in resin preserves their beauty indefinitely. This masterclass shows you many methods for drying them ready for embedding. You'll learn my best tips for drying them whole, as individual petals and pressing them. 

The entire Resin Made Simple program is valued at over $2,216 ... but you can get started today for just $147.


Do I need experience with Resin to get results with the Classes?

No experience necessary! Despite teaching cutting-edge resin techniques, the entire collection of Resin Made Simple™ Workshops is suitable for beginners. Intermediate and more advanced resin crafters also find the Membership valuable for increasing their skills and expertise.

How is Resin Made Simple™ different from other programs that are similar?

Resin Made Simple™ is the only online resin school created and endorsed by Myléne Hillam, the world's most highly sought-after resin craft designer and instructor. Not only will you learn exactly how to create beautiful, cutting-edge resin projects, but you'll also learn the tips and tricks the resin experts use that make their pieces so professional.

How Long is the Membership for?

Your Resin School membership is for a 12 month period from the date you first join. It can be renewed annually. Whilst your membership is current, you'll be able to access all the classes and course resources. You can join the membership at any time throughout the year.

What kind of safety precautions do I need to take?

I always advise wearing gloves no matter what type of resin you use. Especially resins that are readily available online as they often come with little to no safety information, so it's best to glove up and work in a well-ventilated space.

What's exactly inside the Resin Made Simple™ Resin School Membership? 

You'll first be granted access to our premium Membership site hosted on Thinkific. Your dashboard is where you’ll find your Resin School Classes, along with the Resin School Members BONUS AREA, filled with extra projects, videos, tips sheets and guides. 

What if I need extra help?

Included in your Resin School Membership is an EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE community where you can get the advice of real resin experts and peers who’ve been where you are, and are where you want to be! This is a safe place where you can ask questions, share your projects and get valuable feedback to help you NAIL that technique.

Is the content available immediately?

Yes! All of the content is inside of a premium members area, ready to go! You will get Instant Access as soon as you complete your purchase.


and Get the Bonuses!