What You'll Learn

Learn all the basics of making jewellery with slow curing epoxy resin. You'll learn how to measure, mix and pour as well as how to colour and embed items.

  • How to cast resin into plastic moulds and how to prepare them for easy demoulding.

  • Use unexpected jewellery findings as bezels to hold resin. Learn how to prepare them so the resin won't leak out.

  • Learn how to embed items in resin, how to colour it with resin dyes and pigments, and how to add glitters and other colourants.

  • Get ideas about how to turn your finished castings into fashion jewellery that you'll love wearing.

This Class Includes All the Techniques Below and More!

Learn How to Embed Objects in Resin

Embed organic materials like flowers and found objects

You can preserve your precious mementos in resin: things like flowers from a wedding bouquet or shells you collected whilst on vacation. Embedding them in resin is a great way to keep your memories alive long after the event. Turn them into pieces of jewellery with some simple finishing techniques.
Oval shaped resin pendant with 3d butterfly attached and embedded yellow daisy on a black and white polkadot background.

Create a Marbled Cylinder Pendant

Learn This Simple Marbling Technique

Discover the secret for how to suspend streaks of wispy colour in a slender geometric mould. And then learn how to turn your geometric pieces into gorgeous pendants.

Learn How to Colour Resin

And create Pastel Coloured Pendants

Work in open-backed bezels to create double-sided pendants in trendy pastel shades. Learn how to use jewellery findings as bezels and how to prepare them so you can pour resin inside them.

Create Faux Dichroic Glass Effects

And Dazzling Opal Look-Alikes

Learn how to create dazzling iridescent jewellery that catches the light as you move. Work in layers to achieve this light refracting look.
Green faux dichroic glass earrings made with resin

What others think of this course

working with resin

Pam Uffman

this was very very helpful Rated 5 out of 5

I Learned So Much!

by Marion Barltrop, Toowoomba

What a fantastic workshop!! I can't wait to do other ones. I learned soooo much. It was more than worth the cost. Mylaine was so friendly, patient and generous. I came away with so many ideas. I loved that while Mylaine teaches you she also encourages you to come up with your own ideas and express your own creativity. I sent my daughter pictures of all the things that I made and she said it looks like a treasure trove.

What a wonderful experience!

Scott Breeschoten, Australia

I played around with resin for a while but felt a need to learn more about these products and how they work, from someone who would be willing to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with me. As a result, I attended Myléne’s Resin Jewellery Workshop. She has so much patience and in-depth knowledge and experience in this field, and her hands-on approach when presenting the workshop and her willingness to share her knowledge and experience enabled me to learn a great deal from her in a very relaxed environment. I happily recommend her workshops to anyone who wants to learn how to work with resin and create beautiful jewellery pieces. Thanks, Myléne!

Resin Jewellery Workshop

Erica Morgante, Gold Coast QLD

My first workshop on the Gold Coast, left me feeling quite disappointed; a large class, minimal time with the instructor, limited information and using only basic molds. I would highly recommend Mylene’s Resin Made Simple course to anyone who wants to make resin jewellery. Myléne walks you through everything a newbie needs to know and by the end of the class you are so excited about what you’ve created. There’s every opportunity to ask questions and expand your knowledge about a variety of resins and casting tips and tricks. I will definitely be doing more classes with Mylene and highly recommend her professionalism and expertise and generosity of knowledge sharing.


  • Is epoxy resin safe to use?

    Art resins, Craft resins and Jewellery resins are all formulated with the home crafter in mind so they are safe to use when used as directed by the manufacturer. Epoxy resin becomes inert once it's cured so it can be safely handled.

  • I'm a papercrafter and I've never done anything like resin before. Is resin easy to use?

    There is a bit of a learning curve when you first start out with resin. But you'll learn all the basics of working with resin and increase your skills as you go along. Once you understand how to use resin, yes, it is easy!

  • What safety precautions should I take?

    Resin is very sticky so we always advise wearing gloves. We also recommend wearing goggles or safety glasses and that you work in a well-ventilated space.

  • How long does it take for the resin to cure?

    You'll use a slow curing epoxy resin in this class and that makes it ideal for embedding items in. Epoxies generally take 24 hours to reach hard cure but some are a little quicker.

Course Content

This class is all about making jewellery like pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings

    1. 1.1 Working Safely with Resin

    2. 2.1 All About Epoxy Resin

    3. 2.2 What You'll Learn

    4. 2.3 General Supplies Needed for Making Resin Jewellery

    5. 3 How to Prepare Plastic Moulds

    6. 4 Measure, Mix, Pour, Embed

    7. 5 Working with Open Back Bezels

    8. 6 Create a Marbled Effect in a Slender Cylinder Mould

    9. 7 Demoulding and Finishing

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