Create Resin Earrings That Turn Heads!

Learn how to make your own collection of BODACIOUS, designer-style resin earrings, the latest must-have fashion accessory.

Go From Resin NEWBIE to Resin Earring PRO

Learn how to make resin earrings the FAST way.

While it's true -- some resins can take 24 hours to cure -- when you know how to work with a quick-curing resin, you can make and wear your earrings in JUST 1 HOUR

YES. This is TRUE!!

The FAST Resin Earrings Class is here to help you:

... master the basics of working with quick-curing resin

... create boutique-style resin earrings you'll love wearing

... and help you overcome the overwhelm of where to start with resin

because learning how to work with quick-curing resins fits more easily into your busy life!

You can even make a little extra moolah on the side selling your handmade resin earrings!

Why Use Quick-Curing Resin?

  • It's SUPER QUICK - you can be wearing your earrings in under an hour
  • It's perfect for impatient crafters - no more waiting 24 hours for your resin to cure

We all start out as resin beginners...

  • Overwhelmed and confused about where to start
  • Maybe you've given resin a go on our own and completely failed
  • Followed a YouTube video to get some pointers... and still failed
  • Felt lost when everyone else seems to be having success
  • Annoyed by how much money you've wasted making mistakes
  • Stuck and just can't seem to make any progress

Yeah... resin is harder than it seems. And it can get you down when you're not having success. 

But resin is only hard WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. 

Don't give up...

Success with resin is just one pour away!

(and I'm here to guide you)

Hi there, Myléne Hillam here.

After more than 15 years of experience teaching beginners how to work with resin, I have made literally 1000s of pieces of resin jewellery.

Two things I've learned while watching resin beginners are

... they don't know what supplies to buy

... they struggle with resin that hasn't cured properly

I know where beginners get tripped up so I know how to help you avoid those mistakes. You'll also learn my EXPERT TIPS that will get you the professional results you want.

No more endless google searching... no more scrolling through Pinterest... no more forums to get answers to your questions.

You don't have to spend years figuring this out on your own.

I've taken all the lessons I've learned about working with a quick curing resin and put it all together in this easy-to-follow class that will help you whether you're completely new to resin or you've been working with resin for a while. 

Once you enrol in the FAST Resin Earrings Class, you'll get instant access to all the course materials, including videos and downloadable PDFs.

That means you can start learning immediately. You can binge-watch like your favourite TV shows or watch them one at a time - each technique is broken down into bite-size chunks so that you can stop and start as you choose.

Inside the Class, You'll Learn

  • Best practices when using resin, like safety and preparation 
  • All about working with a quick-curing resin
  • Measuring and mixing the resin so it cures properly
  • How to colour the resin and what types of colourants to use
  • Creating different effects in the resin, like marbling, creating spots and stripes, how to create the metal look, adding glitter and more
  • How to demould your pieces 
  • How to smooth away rough, uneven edges
  • Assembly techniques 
  • Where to buy your supplies
  • Types of moulds to use (and those to avoid!)
  • Super helpful ............
  • Plus, get ideas for turning your castings into incredible, fashion earrings

And if that weren't enough... it also covers:

  • Resin troubleshooting tips
  • Essential jewellery-making techniques so you can connect your resin casts to earring wires
  • Ways to make your moulds last longer

My goal is to help you enjoy using your jewellery-making skills (or learn the basic ones!) and make resin as stress-free and simple as possible. 

While there are many free online resources, they're not as good at teaching you as you might think... most of them leave out the crucial steps to make your project a success.

In the FAST Resin Earrings Class, you are not left guessing about what to do... every step is covered and is easy to follow.

Join the FAST Resin Earrings Class today and learn how to make resin earrings that your family and friends will admire and people will ACTUALLY WANT TO BUY!


  • When does the course start?

    You get access to the classroom immediately. All of the material is ready for you to watch straight away.

  • I've never done resin before. Do I need any previous experience?

    No experience necessary! Despite teaching cutting edge techniques, everything you need to know is taught inside the class so this class is suitable for beginners. Intermediate and more advanced resin crafters also find this class valuable for increasing their skills and expertise.

  • What kind of safety precautions do I need to take?

    I always advise wearing gloves no matter what type of resin you use. Especially resins that are readily available online as they often come with little to no safety information, so it's best to glove up and work in a well-ventilated space.

  • Does the course have closed captioning?

    Yes! All videos in the course have closed captioning. So if you have a hearing impairment (or you can't understand my Aussie accent 🦘🐨🌏), you can read along as you watch.

Course curriculum