Make a Marbled Resin Cheese Board

Entertain in style with a gorgeous marbled resin and wood cheese board that you made yourself!

Your family and friends will be genuinely impressed by your creative prowess when you serve them cheese and wine on a resin cheeseboard and coaster set that you've made yourself. Learn how to manipulate the resin to marble it and create cells.

What Our Students Say

5 star rating

Easy to follow!

Lisa Epperson

This course had every detail I needed to make a cheeseboard!

This course had every detail I needed to make a cheeseboard!

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5 star rating

Love My New Cheeseboard!

Jo Smith

This was so easy to understand. My first one turned out awesome and now I can't wait to make another one!

This was so easy to understand. My first one turned out awesome and now I can't wait to make another one!

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Learn How to Resin a Wooden Cheeseboard

Create Marbling and Lacey Resin Patterns

If you've been eyeing off these gorgeous resin cheeseboards and want to have one of your own, then why not learn how to make it yourself. In this class, you'll learn marbling techniques and how to create lacey resin patterns with resin and pigments. It will look so appetising when you fill it with your favourite cheeses, crackers, fruits or cured meats. Your family and friends will be genuinely impressed that you made it yourself!

What You'll Work On

  • Choosing Food Safe Resin

  • How to prepare the cheese board and coasters

  • Choosing colourants and colour combinations that work

  • How to mix and colour resin

  • Creating Cells in the Resin

  • Make a Resin Charm to Dangle from the Cheeseboard

Here's What People are Saying about this Class!

I Had So Much Fun!

Lenore Hayward - Birkdale, QLD

I thoroughly enjoyed the Cheeseboard Workshop with Mylene. I learnt so much and had so much fun! Good to learn a lot of little tips and techniques and get answers to the questions I had, along the way. I’d thoroughly recommend it! Definitely a 5/5.

5 Stars Review

Mamta Patel - Heuston, TX

Enjoyed my resin cheeseboard, coaster workshop. So much fun with great instructor who has much patience and love for what she does. Thanks milllanestdio!!!!!


Katrina Ki - Eight Mile Plains, QLD

We all enjoyed the class very much, and it was very informative. The class also made Glenda's extended birthday celebration extra memorable! Thank you so much for being so generous with your time. We all loved the end products we got to take home with us. The family was very impressed by the quality :) 5 stars from all of us!

Why Choose Resin Made Simple's Resin Cheeseboard Class

  • Food Safe Resin Choices

    Learn which resins are food safe and meet the FDA's guidelines for food contact surfaces. No need to guess if a resin is safe for food... we give you a list of compliant resins so you can make an informed choice.

  • 5-Star Rating

    This is my most popular in-studio class and it consistently receives 5-star reviews. It always sells out as soon as a new class is scheduled!

  • Learn How to Marble and Create Cells

    Understand how to use a heatgun to push the resin around to create lacy cells and marbled effects.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome! Start Here...

    2. Choosing a Food Safe Resin

    3. Before You Begin - Working Safely with Resin

    4. Prepping the Cheeseboard and Coasters

    5. Measuring, Mixing and Colouring the Resin

    6. Pouring and Manipulating the Resin

    7. Finishing Your Resin Cheeseboard and Coasters Set - Making the Resin Charm

    1. Food Safe Resins List

    2. Resin Cheeseboard Care and Instructions Sheet

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 9 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


  • Is resin safe to use with food?

    The resins we recommend ARE food safe. But not all resins are, so we have put together a list of resins which meet the FDA's standards for food contact surfaces, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you're using a resin that is compliant.

  • I'm a beginner and I've never worked with resin before. Can I still make one of these beautiful cheeseboards?

    No experience necessary! The Resin Cheeseboard Class has been designed for all skill and experience levels. In fact, despite teaching cutting-edge resin techniques, the entire collection of Resin Made Simple™ Workshops have been designed this way!

  • How is Resin Made Simple™ different from other programs that are similar?

    Resin Made Simple™ is the only online resin school created and endorsed by Myléne Hillam; the world's most highly sought-after resin craft designer and instructor. Not only will you learn exactly how to create cutting-edge resin techniques, but you'll also learn the tips and tricks only real resin experts know.

  • What safety precautions should I take?

    Wear nitrile gloves to keep the sticky resin off your hands so you can avoid skin contact. Always wear goggles or wrap around glasses to protect your eyes and work in a well-ventilated space which has good air flow.

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Resin Expert Myléne Hillam

I’m Myléne Hillam, resin expert, designer for the craft industry, author and artist at Mill Lane Studio. Home for me is in Brisbane, in sunny Queensland, Australia. During the day (and most nights) you’ll find me playing with the many resin, art, craft and jewellery-making supplies in my studio. My interest in resin was first piqued in high school when I got to work with plastics in the Manual Arts Block. At the time, it was ground breaking for manual arts to be opened up to girls and I loved the hands-on nature of shaping and forming metal, wood and plastic. Of all the things we did in the manual arts centre, working with plastics was by far my favourite! My passion for plastic and resin was re-awakened about 15 years ago when I learned how to make resin bangles and rings and I haven’t stopped working with resin since! I’ve worked with many craft mediums over the years but none has held my interest like resin. I began experimenting with different techniques that caught the eye of resin manufacturers and I soon became a consultant to them, designing and creating the projects for their trade show booths, the educational materials for their buyers and resin projects for crafters, like you. I have made it my mission to educate myself on every aspect of resin; not just the fun part of working with resin, but the technical aspects also so that I have a deep understanding of how resin works. My expertise extends beyond resin bangles and rings now to include resin jewellery and resin homewares and there’s no end in sight with all the wonderful possibilities resin presents.