Course content

    1. 1.1 - Working with Resin Safely

    2. 1.2 - All About Polyurethane Resin

    3. 2 - What You'll Learn to Make in this Class

    4. 3 - Supplies Needed

    5. 4 - Moulds - Working Out How Much Resin They Need

    6. 5 - Workplace Set Up

    7. 6.1 - Measure, Mix, Colour and Pour - Solid Coloured Bangle

    8. 6.2 - Marbling in Transparent Resin with Pigments

    9. 6.3 - Marbling in Transparent Resin with Dyes

    10. 7.1 - Solid Colour Bangle in Opaque White Resin

    11. 7.2 - Marbling with Dyes in Opaque White Resin

    12. 8 - Demoulding

    13. 9 - Trimming and Sanding

    14. Troubleshooting

About this course

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  • 14 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

How to Make Fashion Resin Bangles

Learn all the skills a beginner needs to know to make resin bangles. You'll learn how to make solid coloured bangles AND marbled bangles from start to finish.

Why Choose Resin Bangles for Beginners

  • Beginner Friendly

    No previous resin experience is necessary. This class will teach you everything you need to know to get started working with quick curing resin and you will build on your skills as you go.

  • Learn Techniques

    You'll learn how to make 5 different bangles using both transparent and opaque polyurethane resin with different colourants to get different looks.

  • Quick Results

    You'll use a quick curing resin to get quick results. This means that you can master the basic bangle making process quickly so you can move on to more advanced techniques.

Have Fun Making Your Own Fashion Accessories

Become the Fashion Designer and Make resin bangles in any colour YOU like!

When you know how to make your own resin bangles, you don't have to follow fashion's colour trends. Make a stack of bangles in a single colour or mix and match colours for an eclectic look! Let YOUR personality shine through. When you make them yourself, you don't have to buy off the rack... you're now the designer and you can decide what colours and shapes to make.
Model wearing stack of bangles in ice blue, black and marbled navy and white


  • I've never worked with resin before. Can I still learn how to make resin bangles?

    Yes, you can. This class is designed for beginners so it will teach you the whole process of making resin bangles from start to finish. It covers all the basics of working with quick curing resin that a beginner should know.

  • What kind of safety precautions do I need to take.

    We always advise that you wear gloves and goggles/safety glasses no matter what resin you are using. Some resins come with little or no information so it's best to always take these simple precautions and work in a well-ventilated space.

  • How long does it take for the resin to cure?

    This course uses quick-curing polyurethane resin. Each brand takes a different amount of time to cure but most of the brands suited to crafting will cure in about 20-30 minutes.

  • I really want to make my own bangles but where do I get resin and moulds from?

    You'll find a list of suppliers of resin brands that are suitable for this class included inside the course. It's continually updated as we become aware of new resins that will work well for these techniques. You can find a great selection of silicone moulds from Etsy sellers on Etsy.

  • How long do I have access to the class?

    You have access for the life of the class so you can watch the class over and over. This is really handy when you haven't made a bangle for a while and need a quick refresher.

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Your Resin Bangle Instructor

Resin Expert Myléne Hillam

I’m Myléne Hillam, resin expert, designer for the craft industry, author and artist at Mill Lane Studio. Home for me is in Brisbane, in sunny Queensland, Australia. During the day (and most nights) you’ll find me playing with the many resin, art, craft and jewellery-making supplies in my studio. My interest in resin was first piqued in high school when I got to work with plastics in the Manual Arts Block. At the time, it was ground breaking for manual arts to be opened up to girls and I loved the hands-on nature of shaping and forming metal, wood and plastic. Of all the things we did in the manual arts centre, working with plastics was by far my favourite! My passion for plastic and resin was re-awakened about 15 years ago when I learned how to make resin bangles and rings and I haven’t stopped working with resin since! I’ve worked with many craft mediums over the years but none has held my interest like resin. I began experimenting with different techniques that caught the eye of resin manufacturers and I soon became a consultant to them, designing and creating the projects for their trade show booths, the educational materials for their buyers and resin projects for crafters, like you. I have made it my mission to educate myself on every aspect of resin; not just the fun part of working with resin, but the technical aspects also so that I have a deep understanding of how resin works. My expertise extends beyond resin bangles and rings now to include resin jewellery and resin homewares and there’s no end in sight with all the wonderful possibilities resin presents.