Learn the Resin Geode Technique

Recreate the look of agate in resin

Create a resin geode painting to hang on your wall that mimics the look of a geode. Learn how to create the bands of colour, the contours and the highlights to create your own breathtaking piece of art
Resin Geode painting featuring purple, maroon and white bands of resin highlighted with gold contour lines

Make a Geode-Inspired Resin Art Painting

Slice open a geode and it's always a surprise to find the cavity lined with sparkly minerals. And with this technique, you can "paint" your own version of a geode using glossy coloured resin, glitters and mica powders. You'll learn how to create the bands, contours and highlights, as well as how to create the crystal treasures inside that will make it a breathtaking piece of art to hang in your home.

What You'll Work On

  • Preparation of your chosen art surface

  • Choosing suitable colourants and additives

  • Mixing and Colouring the Resin

  • Pouring the resin on the canvas

  • Creating the mineral structure and contour lines

  • Finishing your artwork ready for hanging

Why Choose Resin Made Simple's Geode-Inspired Resin Art Class

  • Beginner Friendly

    No previous experience with resin is needed for this class so it's perfect for beginners and those new to resin. You'll be guided through the full process in easy-to-follow steps.

  • Safety Tips with Heat Guns

    Heat tools are an essential part of creating resin art. Your safety is important so you'll learn important safety tips when using a heat gun to manipulate resin.

  • Display Ideas Ebook

    Included in the class is the "How to Display Your Resin Geode Artwork" ebook. It's filled with tons of helpful information for displaying your geode art to its best advantage

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Geode Resin Art - All About Resin Art and What You'll Learn

    • Before You Begin - Working Safely with Resin

    • Preparation

    • Mixing and Colouring the Resin

    • Pouring and Manipulating the Resin

    • The Finishing Touches to the Geode

    • Super Bonus - Mini Book - How to Display Your Resin Geode Art

    • Resins Suitable for Resin Art


  • I'm new to resin. Will I be able to do this technique?

    The class is designed with beginners in mind. You'll be guided through the whole process so that you can create your own original and personalised geode-inspired resin painting.

  • What safety precautions should I take?

    Wear nitrile gloves to keep the sticky resin off your hands so you can avoid skin contact. Always wear goggles or wrap around glasses to protect your eyes and work in a well-ventilated space which has good air flow. I also recommend that you wear old clothes that you wouldn't mind ruining, in case you get resin on them.

  • How do I know what supplies I need?

    We give you a complete list of all the supplies needed to complete the project, PLUS an explanation of why these supplies are preferred. Using these materials will give you the best results with your resin painting.

  • How is Resin Made Simple™ different from other programs that are similar?

    Resin Made Simple™ is the only online resin school created and endorsed by Myléne Hillam; the world's most highly sought-after resin craft designer and instructor. Not only will you learn exactly how to create cutting-edge resin techniques, but you'll also learn the tips and tricks only real resin experts know.



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