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    • 1.1 Working Safely with Resin

    • 1.2 Introduction to Beyond the Basics - Bangles with Inclusions

    • 2 What You'll Make in this Lesson

    • 3 Choosing Resins and Moulds

    • 4 Feather Bangle

    • 5 Lace Bangle

    • 6 Silhouette Bangle with Gradient Colouring

    • 7 Iridescent Mylar Bangle

    • 8 Dried Flower Bangle

    • 9 How to Finish Your Bangles

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    • Suitable Jewellery Resins and Colourants

    • Plus Size Bangle Mould Suppliers

    • Birds on a Wire Graphic for Printing

What's in the Class

This class is all about adding inclusions to the resin. You'll learn how to embed a variety of organic and inorganic items to the resin and how to work in layers.

  • You'll learn how to embed feathers, lace and flowers

  • Work in layers of coloured and clear resin to create an iridescent bangle

  • Create a colour gradient in resin as a backdrop to a silhouette graphic

Learn How to Make Bangles with Inclusions Like Feathers, Flowers and Lace

Preserve flowers from a special bouquet, lace from your wedding dress or feathers that you've found on a walk. Keep your treasured memories alive forever.

Make an Iridescent Bangle

Learn the technique used to create a stunning iridescent peacock bangle.
Flat square bangle with rounded corners filled with iridescent film in peacock colours.Iridescent

Get Bonus Material

Little extras that are included in your class

  • Silhouette Birds on a Wire Printable

    A printable graphic of the "Silhouette Birds on a Wire" for you to download and print so you can recreate the colour gradient bangle below.

  • Resin Suppliers List

    A list of suitable resin brands and suppliers to help you source the resin for the projects more easily.

  • Plus Size Bangle Moulds List

    We've done all the hard work for you. We've compiled a list of suppliers with bangle moulds for girls with broader knuckles, larger wrists and for those who can't manipulate their hand easily to put on a bangle.


  • How long does it take for the resin to cure?

    Every epoxy resin is a bit different but the ones we suggest can all be demoulded in about 24 hours. Your resin kit will state the cure times for your resin, and it's best to follow those guidelines.

  • Is resin safe to use?

    Resins designed for home use are safe to use when used as the manufacturer directs. I always recommend that you keep sticky resin off your skin by wearing gloves and goggles as a bare minimum. Once the resin cures, it is inert so it is perfectly safe for jewellery.

  • I'm a plus-size girl and I really want to make my own bangles. Do bangle moulds come in sizes for bigger girls?

    Yes, they do. They're a bit harder to find but we've compiled a list of bangles that are larger than average to make it easy for you. You'll find it in the downloads section of the class.

Learn How to Create a Colour Gradient

Make a Sunset Sky as a Backdrop to Silhouetted Birds on Telegraph Wires

Learn a technique for creating colour gradients in resin where one colour blends into the next using transparent dyes. This sunset sky is the perfect backdrop for the "Silhouette Birds on a Wire" printable download (included in the course).
Transparent resin bangle with birds on a wire silhouetted against a gradient background of pink, blue and orange


Myléne Hillam

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This was very helpful.

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